Use/Benefits: Achook is a one of the best repellant of larva on any crops at any stage. It is best for all types of field crops and horticulture crops. Achook control Lopper, DBM, heliothis, army worms, pod borer etc…

Dose: 0.70 to 1 ml per lt of water

Energy Plus

Energy Plus are flower increasing stimulators and also reduces pre falling of fruits and flowers. The composition of the stimulator is carboxylic acid, Amino Acid, Nitro Benzene and Emulsifier. The features are as follows.

  • Function: To increase No. of flowers and to prevents pre-dropping of fruits & flowers
  • Dose: 0.7 to 1.0 ml per Liter of water
  • Recommended Crops: Any Field Crops and/or Horticultural Crops
  • Used At: Any Time
  • Compatibility: Mix with all pesticides/ fungicides/ PGR


We offer 10,000 ppm azadirachtin based neem oil formulation to be used as a botanical insecticide for organic farming; it repels a wide variety of pests including the mealy bug, beet armyworm, aphids, the cabbage worm, thrips, whiteflies, mites, fungas gnats, beetles, moth larvae, mushroom flies, leafminers, caterpillars, locust, nematodes and Japanese beetle. Not known to be harmful for non-target organisms.

Dose: 4 to 5 ml per 15 lts of water


We provide Plant Activator to our clients. Following is the specification of Plant Activator.


  • Content: Sticker AG-30 grade
  • Function: To use with all pesticides & fungicides as a Spreader, Sticker and activator
  • Dose: 0.6 to 0.8 ml per Liter of water
  • Recommended Crops: Any Crops
  • Application Time: At any time
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most of all pesticides/ fungicides/ PGR


Elbozyme Plant Growth Regulator is one of our prime products, a growth stimulant. Preferred for its good composition and easy utility, the regulators are compatible with most of the chemical fertilizers. Known as flowering stimulant by root growth, can be applied to any field crop, horticultural crop or fruit crop. The features of these regulators are as follows.

  • Content: Sea Weed and Humic acid
  • Function: Growth and flowering stimulant by root growth
  • Dose: 4 to 5 kg per acre
  • Recommended Crops: Any Field Crops/ Horticultural Crops/ Fruit Crops
  • Application Time: At any time and at any stage of crop
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most of all chemical fertilizer